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Part Three of Your Knitting Questions. . . Answered!

So here we are at Part Three of your knitting questions . . . answered! A few weeks ago I did a second post about knitting questions most of have as we learn knitting, and even go beyond the basics. So, two or three times every month I will be introducing more knitting questions into […]

Want to Be Happy? Learn Knitting!

Want to be happy? Learn knitting plain and simple. One of my pet projects for this month of March, which is National Craft Month, btw, is to get my knitting ORGANIZED! That will take some doing. B-U-T . . . there is nothing I love more than to surround myself with all my knitting attachments. […]

Friday Knitting Musings, or How to Knit a Scarf

Friday Knitting Musings, or how to knit a scarf without 1,001 things getting in the way! So, here it is the end of another week. How they go by so quickly is just beyond me! One minute it’s Monday morning and then it’s Friday all over again. Today we are expecting more . . . […]

Knitting Patterns That Are Amazing!

Knitting patterns that are amazing can be found if you really look hard enough. Just do a “knitting patterns” search on Google or wherever, and up pops numerous pages of links that may help you and then again, may not. And besides, who wants to go through 9, 430,000 search results anyway! My life would […]

Part Two of Your Knitting Questions . . . Answered!

Part Two of Your Knitting Questions . . . Answered!  Part One way back last summer, (was it really warm then?) I wrote this post on The Knitting Answer Book. In it I told you why I love this little book so much. It’s simply chock-ful of REAL knitting tips, things you can use right […]

Scarf Knitting on Friday the 13th

So here I am scarf knitting on Friday the 13th This is the second month in a row that the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday. Really, it hasn’t impacted me since I was about a freshman in high school; so all you knitters out there who fear this day or the […]

Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns

Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns if You Can Finally a warm day! For so long every day has been below freezing and judging by my dried knuckles, it’s been that way for quite for some time. I think we don’t realize how many weeks go by where Winter just doesn’t want to quit. But, we’re […]

Knitting Lace, A Book Review

Knitting Lace, a book review for you! I love lace knitting. What can I say? It has always intrigued me, a little like a professor years ago telling our British History class that she wasn’t going into the “Wars of the Roses” because it was “too complicated, with too many players” to talk about. THAT […]

What Are You Knitting for National Craft Month?

Just what are you knitting for National Craft Month? March is National Craft Month. Of course, in my home, EVERYDAY is craft day, but I digress. When my children were young, there were hobby stores in just about every town; nowadays not so much. But, there are very interesting places to see online, and if […]