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Friday Knitting Musings for May 1

Friday knitting musings are here again Yesterday when I walked Piper and Scooter around the block I couldn’t get over how there was NO WIND! Absolutely nothing. Especially as I rounded the corner onto Romford Lane and you begin to walk in a northerly direction and the WIND is usually attacking your face for the […]

Friday Knitting Musings for April 24

Friday knitting musings is more than just yarn and needles. One of the projects that I would love to tackle as a new knitting project, maybe in the Fall when we’re back to cooler weather, would be prayer shawls. Who doesn’t like something warm and cozy thrown over their shoulders? Something made by hand, with […]

Your Knitting Questions Answered . . . Part Four

Your knitting questions answered . . . Part 4 — Funny how the week seems to get away from me. In between housecleaning, dog walking, babysitting, and copywriting, I hardly find time to write these posts. AND there’s knitting. Gotta get it in every day. Knitting is one fix I can live with. If only […]

Friday Knitting Musings

Friday knitting musings seemed like a good thing to do. As I write this post, I’m very tired. I may knit tonight; I may not. I got up at 5:00 A.M. and drove to my son Rob’s house to watch the girls all day. He leaves for work by 5:30 and my DIL Lisa was […]

Who Wants to Learn How to Follow Knitting Patterns?

Who wants to learn how to follow knitting patterns? Isn’t it fun to know how to knit? Just thinking about those projects I’ve got sitting around here and there (“what a mess” my 2 year old grand daughter Julia would say!) and I can’t WAIT to get back to them. Here’s what I’m working on […]

How to Gauge Your Knitting

How to Gauge Your Knitting or why one size doesn’t fit all! What exactly is gauge? Before you ever begin to knit, there are a few basics to know. One of these basics is called gauge. You see it mentioned in most knitting pattern directions. It refers to the tightness or the looseness of your […]

Spotlight on Affordable Knitting Yarns

The Spotlight is on Affordable Knitting Yarn in this post. THIS is one of knitting’s most asked question. If you’ve been knitting long enough, inevitably here comes the question about yarn. And rightly so. If you buy an expensive thing and you never use it, I don’t think there’s a point to it. Tom Selleck […]

Do You Struggle With Too Many Knitting Projects at Once?

Do you struggle with too many knitting projects at once, too? In my inner circle of life, there are no knitters. Sad to say, but true. In time, I’m hoping to teach my grand daughters, Julia and Marisa how to knit and purl. Get them while they’re little I say; they’ll listen to Grammy! Because […]