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Kick Dancing and Knitting and Yes They Connect!

As I write this, today is Thursday, May 28th. While this Thursday has no special significance I can remember a May 28th many, many years ago still stays with me. It was when I was in dancing school. I started taking dancing lessons when I was 6. In fact, I can still remember the very […]

Knitting Things I Have on Hand This Week

Just a few knitting things I have on hand this week. As I’m sitting here writing this post on a Memorial Day Monday morning, it’s extremely quiet here. So quiet I can actually hear myself think! Just the birds twirping and an occasional car passing by. I live in a gated community where they cut […]

Arm Knitting is Stupid

Okay, so let me go out on a limb here and say it. Arm knitting is stupid. At least I think it is . It ISN’T knitting! Who ever heard of using your arms for needles and wending the yarn through them? Every time I see someone doing this it looks like the biggest mess […]

Do You Use a Yarn Ball Winder? A Review of One

Do you use a yarn ball winder or are you still looking? I love anything that will make my knitting easier! Whether I find lighter needles or a new line of yarn that floats effortlessly along, I like everything that just gives us a little extra boost when we pick up our yarn and needles. […]

How to Knit a Scarf

How to knit a scarf may seem perfectly simple. In fact, it’s one of the nicest things to do, to knit. And something that pops right to mind when you think of knitting. Which makes me remember way back when I was just learning to knit. I was lucky enough to be best friends with […]