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Late October Knitting Thoughts

If today is October 23rd, that means yesterday was my ♥ wedding anniversary ♥ and tomorrow is my birthday. I was married in 1972 which seems an awfully long time ago, but there’s been a awful lot of living that’s gone on here. Houses, children, pets, businesses, grandchildren, jobs, holidays, hospitals, deaths, births, celebrations, challenges, anxieties, horrors, […]

5 Places For Charity Knitting

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Thoughts of money, retirement, losses, lack of gains, and other lovely negative thoughts keep crossing my mind all day every day. I’ve got 10 irons in the fire and every time I pull one of them out it’s never enough, never hot, never where it needs to […]

Clear Your Mind & Organize Your Life

October is here, my knitters! And with it comes the THREAT of another hurricane heading to NJ. We’ll see; after all the TV stations love the hype and it’s good for their ratings, most of all! Now that the leaves will start to turn and slowly fall off the trees, aren’t there days when you […]