5 Health Perks From Knitting

5 Health Perks From Knitting Some days I find the time to be quietly knitting; other days I think about it from afar. When the day is too beautifully perfect like yesterday was, the last thing I want to do is stay indoors and knit. Especially in June. It’s such a bright month. Just like […]

Can Knitting Make You Healthier?

Yes, knitting can make you healthier! Sounds almost mystical, but having a hobby that we love, can often mute or take away pain we experience in daily living. And I’m talking about all types of pain, physical and emotional. In light of the tragedy with Robin Williams this past week, it’s GOOD to focus on […]

Knitters Move With the Times

  Wasn’t it fun being young? Not that I’m ancient, by any standard, but there are things I just can’t do like I once did. How about you? Those were the days when we didn’t think about how young we were; it was just taken for granted. Looking back, I see how brief a time […]