5 Tips for Scarf Knitting

Does your newest knitted scarf look like an inner tube? Is your scarf long enough to wrap around your neck and three other people, too? Have you decided on the perfect scarf pattern and then find that the yarn is discontinued? Well, help is here. Just read on to find out my 5 tips for […]

Learn Knitting’s 6 Yarn Secrets

There is nothing like a good yarn, so the story goes! All jokes aside, learning any skill or craft takes time; time you should be devoting to finding out all about it. To learn knitting is no different. Just getting the hang of holding both needles at once, or working with a cable needle, or […]

7 Surefire Strategies to Get You Started!

New to knitting? Congratulations! Here you sit, maybe with needles and yarn in hand, excited to begin learning a wonderful, new hobby, knitting. You bought the needles, and the yarn, and even an introductory magazine to keep you company. Now what? Fortunately, you have found a little treasure in this article.  In the following paragraphs […]

5 Best Reasons to Knit

It’s early September, and I can almost hear sleigh bells. Can’t you? Don’t look now, but summer is on the wane! Without even knowing it, the days are growing shorter, already! Cool breezes are blowing and some foliage is actually going away. But wait! There is a solution….instead of getting depressed, you need to do […]