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Alice Seidel

I have created Scarf Knitting for anyone who loves to knit or would love to learn to knit! Scarves are my specialty and at Scarf Knitting you will find knitting patterns and information for scarves and lots of other things, too. In addition, there are other knitting patterns and helpful hints and great knitting tips for everyone! Be sure to check out my blog and links for charity knitting and knitting well-being.

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I am Alice Seidel and I have been knitting all my of life! Knitting is such a beautiful craft, that I just had to create my own website for it. All of the knitting products you find here are ones which I already use or have purchased, so you can be assured that I only endorse what I know about. After all, you can’t have enough yarn, needles or books when you’re as passionate about knitting as I am!


As a former small business owner, an innkeeper, to be exact, I know the challenges of working for myself and the unique opportunities that presents for me and my audience. Serving YOU is my passion; giving you the very best information from the wonderful world of knitting is something I do EVERY day.


My mission statement is simple: are you all tangled up in your knitting? I have the secrets! Come, follow me!

That’s it! As a lifelong knitter and avid reader, I KNOW knitting. If you don’t see it here, just ask me.


Why work with Scarf Knitting?

Scarf Knitting is one place where you can find all that knitting can offer! Yes, there are other knitting blogs out there, but Scarf Knitting broadcasts to a loyal audience. I only bring the very best of knitting to my reader’s.

In the increasingly web-driven world we live in, Scarf Knitting is dedicated to providing information and links appropriate to knitters of every age, everywhere! I search high and low for only the best that the Web has to offer for knitters.

Scarf Knitting is a quality blog with a great audience, always growing, and a place where you’ll find loyal readers and excellent writing. My blog is not only filled with knitting’s best, but my best, too!

So, why work with Scarf Knitting?

Because Alice knows her knitting stuff!

I’ve been knitting for decades and can take you, or anyone, through the world of knitting, knowingly and in a very fun way.

Because I am a great writer.

In addition to Scarf Knitting, I also have created my own website,, and before 2009 I had another knitting website called The Knit Stitch. I hold a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in History from Georgian Court University.

Because I have a background in SEO.

In addition to training from AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.), I am a SEO-certified copywriter. My content is always keyword-rich and targets exactly what I am looking for.

Because I have a background in Social Media.

I hold a certificate from Mari Smith’s Facebook Marketing Masterclass. Mari is one of social media’s shining lights, and working with her was a blast. I know what it takes to promote Facebook posts as sponsored posts, and to schedule and curate content that gets my blog posts SEEN.

Because my readers trust me.  

I want my readers to become the best knitters in the world! And to that end I only will provide them with the very best content available. I know what my readers enjoy and look for in knitting content, and I want the same thing, too!





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Social Media and Site Stats

Average Monthly Unique Visitors :  1000+/month

Average Monthly Pageviews:  over 200/day

Growth Rates:  Scarf Knitting is still gaining Social Media exposure, but growth rates are 40% – 60% per month. I have a knitting social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.


Week of Aug 25 – Aug 31 2014
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Last Week Previous Week Trend
Total Page Likes 34 33 3.0%
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Weekly Total Reach 108 13 730.8%
People Engaged 16 6 166.7%



Regular Features / Subject Matter

Scarf Knitting puts out a Blog Broadcast through Aweber every Saturday to my subscribers. Here they have the chance to catch up on newly-written blog posts and other knitting information that I find for my knitting enthusiasts.

In addition to Scarf Knitting’s blog, I have also included on my website articles for scarf knitting patterns, knitting well-being, book and product reviews, and relevant affiliate links.

Some of my most popular articles include:

1969 and That Junky Ol’ Chevy

Knitting Yarns For Those Ghosts at The Inn

Fireworks Emeralds and All That Jazz

Secrets to Knitting Gift Mastery

Apple Orchard scarf

Apple Orchard Scarf


Seafoam & eyelet scarf

Seafoam & Eyelet Scarf

Ocean Blue afghan

Ocean Blue Afghan


Current Projects / Future Ideas


I am very active in the world of knitting; besides blogging, I am constantly researching and acquiring books, magazines, dvds, and other media all related to knitting.

Scarf knitting is my particular niche, one which I am always updating, either with my own knitting patterns or others.

Knitting and yarn shops are of specific interests; given how much yarn I buy monthly and also just getting to know the women who frequent these shops and why they do,

I am in the process of organizing my knitting website and would love to feature your products or your company in a “reality-based” way.

By 2015, I will be adding my own knitting video’s to my website. These will include how-to information, knitting stitches, and lace knitting, all geared towards knitting and finishing the scarves you make.

Also, I will be creating a Facebook Knitting Group, where I plan on introducing KALs or knit-alongs. Knitting is such fun, I have to take it everywhere I go!

Lastly, I will be introducing my very own info-product in 2015!

So, get in touch! 🙂

I am actively seeking products, brands and sponsors to feature across my blog and social media channels. If you are looking for FUN creative angles and ways to reach your target audience, . . .  then get in touch with me!

A PDF version of this Media Kit is still in the works.



Get in Touch

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I am always more than happy to hear from you. Whatever your question or concern, please contact me below. The goal is always to put together an arrangement that benefits each of us greatly.


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About Alice Seidel

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Alice Seidel grew up in the greater NYC area. A native of New Jersey, she has been married since 1972. With two grown children and two grand daughters, Alice spent years working in various administrative assistant positions while pursuing her four-year college degree from Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ.

Alice began “The Knit Stitch” a website dedicated to selling her first knitting ebook in 2005. Since then, she has been involved in blogging through MySpace, then on Blogger and finally through WordPress with

A former New England innkeeper, Alice now resides in Ocean County, NJ with her husband Bob and her two “babies”, Piper a smooth fox terrier and Scooter, a red dachshund.

In between knitting, writing, dog-walking, creating scarf patterns, and more knitting, Alice loves babysitting for her two grand daughters Julia & Marisa.  Life is good!