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You Want to Yarn Bomb, Try Something Better!

You want to yarn bomb, try this instead! In a recent post, I talked about the knitting fad that has taken hold called arm knitting. I don’t like it. There are a lot of things in life I don’t care for, and this is just one more. You can read all about my disdain for […]

Frost Heaves or A Peacock Jewel Scarf

Frost Heaves or a Peacock Jewel Scarf, which one are you?   Ten years ago my husband and I were New England innkeepers. We had a beautiful inn in Jaffrey, NH. Built in 1853 it even came with it’s own built-in “ghost”, if you will. You can read all about that here. We were tucked […]

Cowl of Many Colors in The White Winter

A Cowl of Many Colors is something we all need. Well! Seems as if Winter is here to stay. We’ve had record-breaking lows and about 5″ of snow fell Monday night into Tuesday. I remember because my daughter-in-law Lisa was traveling back from Orlando, FL to Newark, (she’s a flight attendant) and her scheduled flight […]

Swanky Scarf Christmas Knitting Pattern

Who isn’t busy this month? It’s a good thing too, because the weather (if you want to call it such) has been so HORRIBLE, you don’t notice it when you’re immersed in everything else. Really, just day after day of rain, snow showers, and the occasional snow burst, like we’re getting right now. Where the […]

Apple Orchard Scarf, Knit Easy!

Did you happen to read my latest blog post, Happiness is 1969 and a Junky Ol’ Chevy? Early September in northeast Pennsylvania was cool! The first time I went up there we had to use the heater inside, it was that chilly. And walking after dark, you better have had a sweater.   I saw […]

Easy Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern

May is upon us, and the knitting is easy! Just for awhile we can put aside heavy yarn and bulky patterns and concentrate on those wispier, lighter knitting patterns which are so EASY to knit! This month is usually chock-full of many happy events. There’s Mother’s Day, of course, and always birthdays, too. Then there […]

Sparkly Spangle Scarf

There is nothing I love so much as sparkly knitting! It must remind me of beautiful jewelry; gorgeous gold pieces that shine, delightful bracelets that jingle and jangle and jaw-dropping rings that may or may not be precious gems. They sparkle all the same.   Knitting is so much fun, if you are not a […]

Christmas Treasure Scarf

It’s been a busy month! Thanksgiving came and went in a rush, then our second grand daughter, Marisa Marie, made her appearance on Monday, December 2. In between babysitting, dog walking, Christmas shopping, and knitting, there wasn’t much time left over for anything else. (Throw in a lost weekend due to a stomach flu.) I […]

Summer Tan, Autumn Gold, October Scarf

Summer is gone! Whoosh! Just like that, gone are the hot summer beach days. Long, lazy afternoons that melted into evenings that stayed light for hours are only a memory. Time spent in the backyard or the beach; sunning, building sandcastles, barbecuing or swimming. But in their place is my favorite season. The days may […]

September Scarf – Team Spirit!

There’s something about September. It feels like the beginning of a new year. I guess that’s because school’s start up again. Vacations wind down. Summer begins to fade away. Days are not as long as they were in June. Along with all of this, comes school sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school, or […]