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Seashells by The Seashore Scarf

Summer beckons with its warm days and sultry nights. Especially when we get into the heart of summer, July and August, effort seems to want to fly out the window. And that’s okay. Stepping back from obligation and replacing it with possibilities often takes the pressure off. We usually strive so hard and taking a […]

April Raindrops Scarf

April is a pretty month. Often it starts out as quite stark and gray; not a lot going on outside. Inevitably though, the warmth of the sun begins to make its way through the bare trees and soften the earth and warm the air. Sunny days are interspersed with rainy ones and this year those […]

March Malaise: A Scarf for One Last Gasp of Winter

Winter just won’t quit!  I think many of you will agree with me. This year we’ve seen more snow this month than all the other winter months. It gets a little tiring to keep waking up to cloudy, snowy, gloomy days. Not being a particularly winter person, I long for sunny, warmer days. Around here, (eastern […]

A Winter Slit Scarf Pattern

Slit scarves seem to be the “in” thing right now. There is nothing nicer than wrapping a beautiful, warm scarf around your neck just as you step outside into the very cold air. Of course, you don’t have to be heading outdoors in order to enjoy wearing pretty scarves. Along with our favorite pieces of […]

Feather and Fantasia

   According to the online thesaurus, the word “fantasia” denotes a rhapsody, a capriccio, or a fantastical air. Music such as this has its ups and its downs; it ascends gracefully, then just as gracefully retreats and is complete in all its wanderings. Feather and fan puts me in mind of one of my favorite […]