Knitters Beware! Happiness to Follow . . .

Have you been busy? I’ll bet! Being well into December we’ve even passed the Hanukkah mark, which began two days ago. I’m not very familiar with the holiday, but Christmas . . . now that’s another story! For those who don’t participate or don’t know, Christmas at my house is all out! Every corner is […]

What Are YOU Knitting for Birthdays and Holidays?

Knitting is one of those hobbies that just keep looking better the more you knit. Actually I think that’s how it is with most things in life; the more you do them, the better they become and the easier they are to do. Once you have the knit and purl stitches mastered, there’s no reason […]

December Scarf Knitting – Candles in the Window

December Scarf Knitting – Candles in the Window Here is the first month in my Year of Scarf Knitting.  December is one of my favorite months of the year; it’s filled with light and warmth, candles and wonder.   This month’s scarf is called Candles in the Window. Could be, because I love to see […]