Finding New Knitting Products To Try

Knitting is yarn and needles, right? And maybe a pattern thrown in for good measure? Well, not hardly. πŸ™‚ Knitting is SO much more than mere yarn and needles. That’s what makes it such a F-U-N hobby! There’s always something new to buy and use.Β  Whether you are sixteen or sixty, knitting never grows old. […]

Knitting Gifts Are Perfect Every Time

Can you believe that we are halfway through the month of June already? How can that be! It seems the daffodils were just sprouting up, and the last of Winter’s snow was melting. Here we are on the very edge of a new season, Summer! June 21st just happens to be my son’s birthday, so […]

Questions About Knitting Yarns? I’ve Got Answers!

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it’s all the same, right? Fibers may be animal or man-made, but whenever I knit something, itΒ  should look okay with whatever yarn I use. Yes??Β  Well, . . . not exactly. And in some cases, NO! We all know about wool and cotton yarns. These basic yarns have been around forever. […]

3 Best Benefits of Knitting

Did you know that knitting is GOOD for you? Actually, good for you! As in a health benefit? Just think about this crazy world we live in. From the moment we get up each day, life is a rush. From waiting in lines to traffic jams, stuck elevators and cancelled business meetings, frustration runs amuck! […]

3 Most Popular Knitting Stitches

I love to look around the Web and see what other knitters are searching for. What IS it that is the burning knit question? Knitting is such a beautiful craft, I could talk about it all day long! There’s so much to see. Just waltz into a knitting shop, and you won’t take two steps […]

Tote That Load: Yarn and All!

Does your living room look like mine? If you are a knitter, I’ll bet it does. Let me guess, knitting needles strewn on end tables, instruction books willy-nilly, and of course, yarn everywhere! Oh, I organize it as best I can, but every day it gets re-arranged according to my current knitting project. In one […]