March Malaise: A Scarf for One Last Gasp of Winter

Winter just won’t quit!  I think many of you will agree with me. This year we’ve seen more snow this month than all the other winter months. It gets a little tiring to keep waking up to cloudy, snowy, gloomy days. Not being a particularly winter person, I long for sunny, warmer days. Around here, (eastern […]

A Winter Slit Scarf Pattern

Slit scarves seem to be the “in” thing right now. There is nothing nicer than wrapping a beautiful, warm scarf around your neck just as you step outside into the very cold air. Of course, you don’t have to be heading outdoors in order to enjoy wearing pretty scarves. Along with our favorite pieces of […]

Curly Knitted Scarves: Why You Don’t Want Them

  Now that we are right in the middle of winter, knitting a scarf may be one of the things on your to-do list this month. Nothing is more frustrating, though, than knitting a pretty scarf only to watch it curl up like last month’s Christmas ribbon. Pretty, but not what you’re looking for. Then there […]

December Scarf Knitting – Candles in the Window

December Scarf Knitting – Candles in the Window Here is the first month in my Year of Scarf Knitting.  December is one of my favorite months of the year; it’s filled with light and warmth, candles and wonder.   This month’s scarf is called Candles in the Window. Could be, because I love to see […]

5 Tips for Scarf Knitting

Does your newest knitted scarf look like an inner tube? Is your scarf long enough to wrap around your neck and three other people, too? Have you decided on the perfect scarf pattern and then find that the yarn is discontinued? Well, help is here. Just read on to find out my 5 tips for […]

Ocean Breezes: Scarves Inspired by the Sea

      Just when you thought there are too many books about scarves on the market, Sheryl Thies’s new book Ocean Breezes: Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea definitely throws that idea right out of your head.  Sheryl offers you 25 new and different ways to keep your neck warm or just fashionably decorated […]

Autumn Knitting

 There is just something about October. It comes around every year, doesn’t it, and yet it is a welcome guest every time. Yes, summer is wonderful; warm and charming, a season where even a light sweater can feel overwhelmingly hot to the touch. Where I live, in northeast Pennsylvania, the humidity is often the thing. […]

Hot Hot Hot! Newest Scarf Yarns

   Let me say this first, I love to knit scarfs! They are the most fun and best accessory in the world. And, best of all, anyone can learn how to knit a scarf. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been knitting since the 1970’s or if you just picked up a pair of knitting needles […]

Feather and Fantasia

   According to the online thesaurus, the word “fantasia” denotes a rhapsody, a capriccio, or a fantastical air. Music such as this has its ups and its downs; it ascends gracefully, then just as gracefully retreats and is complete in all its wanderings. Feather and fan puts me in mind of one of my favorite […]

If You Want to Hear the Quiet Just Glisten

I just can’t believe September is slipping away so quickly. I write this piece on my daughter’s 39th birthday! I cannot believe she is 39; what happened to that little girl with the curly hair and long eyelashes? So many years in between; memories of times, both good and not-so-good gone by; and of many […]