The Glisten Scarf

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes them so popular to knit. In the knitting world of today, yarn is so versatile and textures so numerous, that finding just the right fiber to knit with has become so easy.

Intricate patterns can be a thing of the past if you want them to be; nowadays with specialty yarns, self-patterning yarns, and everything in-between all you need do is stick to a simple pattern for the knitting raves to begin. Here’s what I mean:



The following pattern is knit from Louisa Harding’s Glisten yarn.   This yarn is a shimmering ribbon yarn, very thin, and very pretty. Easy to knit with, you can create a scarf in a weekend! The yarn is mostly nylon and 93 yds to a ball. For my glisten scarf, I used 2 balls.

The Glisten Scarf

Size 10-1/2  needles.

CO 33 stitches (or however many you prefer for width)

Knit 6 rows.

Row 7 (RS):  K1, yo twice*  repeat from * to end.

Row 8:  K1, dropping the yo’s off the needle, * to end.

Rows 9 – 14:  Knit.

Repeat Rows 7-14 for desired length. 

 Bind off all stitches and weave in ends.

I didn’t opt for a very long scarf as this yarn is so pretty it will be an instant sensation whenever you wear it.  I’m just betting someone will ask “where did you get that?” right away.

By knitting, either for yourself or for others, you’ll be spreading the yarn around.  It’s like spreading the love around. And isn’t that what you want most of all?

Be sure to check out this link for another spectacular Glisten color!  Happy knitting!